Past President

Dr. Samir F. AboulAzm B.D.S., H.D.D., M.S.

Founder of AboulAzm Orthodontic Clinic

Dr Samir received his Bachelor of Dental Medicine and Surgery, 1966, Diploma of Orthodontics, 1969 and Master of Science in Orthodontics and Pedodontics 1974 from Alexandria University.
Dr Samir worked as Clinical Instructor of Orthodontics, 1966-1972, Assistant Lecturer of Orthodontics,1972-1974, and Lecturer of Orthodontics, 1974-1979 in Alexandria University. He held the positions of Visiting Assistant Professor, Orthodontic Dept., School of Dentistry, University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A., 1975-1976. Associate Professor and Head of Orthodontic Dept., Alexandria University, 1979-1984 then Professor and Head of Orthodontic Dept., Alexandria University, 1984-1987 & 1995-1998. Dr Samir was appointed ViceDean for Education and Student Affairs, Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, 1987-1990. He was also a member and Chairman of committee for Professors promotion .

Along his career Prof. AboulAzm worked as Visiting Professor: University of Louvain (Belgium), University of Gar Younis (Lybia), University of Athens (Greece), and University of Jordan (Jordan) Beiru Arab University (Lebanon) and a Guest Speaker : Universities of King AbdelAziz and King Soud (Saudi Arabia), University of Damascus (Syria) and University of Newfoundland , San Johns (Canada)

Prof. Aboul Azm was a main founder of the Egyptian Orthodontic Society in 1968 and continued to be its president President till he passed away. He was a member of the Egyptian Dental Association, Egyptian Society of BioAnthropological Sciences, European Orthodontic Society, International Association for Dental Research, Craniofacial Biology Group of I.A.D.R. Arab Orthodontic Society [President 1999-2001] and the World federation of orthodontics

Dr Samir Supervised more than forty MS Theses, and 30 PhD Theses in Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Oral Biology, Plastic Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, and Dental Public Health. He Published above fifty papers in International and Egyptian Journals. He was a principal Investigator of W.H.O. grant for Integration of HIV/AIDS in Dental Curricula.1992. Dr. Samir remained to be the Editor in Chief of the Egyptian orthodontic journal -which he established with collegues in 1969 as the Journal of the Egyptian Orthodontic society- since its foundation till the time of his decease. He was also a member of the Editorial board of World Journal of Orthodontics,& Journal of World Health Organization Dr Samir was awarded Man Of The Year 1992, and the award of appreciation from Alexandria University 2002.

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